TZ Cabinet Compatibility

Real time data cabinet


Physical security at infrastructure level

Data center operators offering colocation shared environments and organizations processing and storing data subject to enhanced physical security compliance. Most data centers control physical access through five security layers starting from the site perimeter, extending from the building entrance, through the lobby, the hallways down to the data center room.

Today, there are a growing number of industry and government requirements, regulations and rules that drives physical security to another level of granularity, physical security at the data cabinet level know as Layer 6. TZ Data Cabinet solutions are the recognized standard in Layer 6 protection for data centers and leading organizations around the world.




Meeting the needs for business continuity and regulatory compliance requires a proactive approach.


Just controlling physical access to your building is simply not enough; take your physical security to the cabinet level.


Remote visibility to monitor and control access to the rack or cabinet at all times, in real-time.


TZ Data Cabinet solutions are installed in major data centers and leading organizations around the world.

Advanced solutions

for every data center

Cabinet level smart locking protection

Unlike conventional electronic locks, TZ locking devices use advanced Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) materials as actuators and embedded sensors to optimize operation. This technology offers a number of strong advantages including allowing for rich data collection and diagnostic abilities.

Complete versatility

The only cabinet locking solution available today that can be retrofitted to the majority of data center cabinet types or cages and integrated in a range of available building access control systems.

Greater scalability

Enables multi-cabinet locking through one control hub that uses only one rack unit of space to optimize cabinet real estate – readily extendible and expandable asset management capabilities.

Total solution

Enhanced enterprise software modules expand functionality to detailed analysis, granular reporting and asset configuration

Mobile app

Mobile app and APIs provide for flexible authentication and control of access to racks.

Electronic locking

The world’s truly intelligent locking device — extending the level of protection right down to the cabinet and asset level where it matters.

Elimination of physical keys

Electronic locking — means maximum security but without the keys and key management issues.

Remote visibility

Real time remote monitoring and reporting of events in geographically dispersed locations from one centralized command.

Real-time auditing

Tracks and reports activities and events in real-time, for real-time business intelligence via a modern, fast web browser interface and dashboard.

No magentic emission

Revolutionary smart devices with smart materials actuation eliminating any risk of magnetic field emissions.

Lower investment

Built on standard structured cabling, implementation can be up to three times more cost effective than alternatives.


Software driven access control system

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Hardware driven lock controller

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