TZ Centurion

System Features

Stand-alone cabinet security system

A state-of-the-art, IP-based electronic access control and environmental monitoring system designed specifically for the micro-protection of data center cabinets. Integrates TZ locking devices for quick and easy retrofitting to cabinets.


Compatible with structured cabling up to 100m via Cat5e / Cat6.

Audit Trails

Physical security and audit trail capabilities for cabinets, equipment, panels and other enclosures.

IP Based

IP based asset protection system that seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems.


Scalable system suitable for one cabinet or hundreds in multiple systems or across multiple sites.

TZ Centurion Server

Enterprise server application that communicates, manages and reports on all devices on the Centurion network.

Smart Support

Supports multiple Wiegand devices for third party RFID readers. Remote upgrades of device firmware.

TZ Centurion



Technical Specifications

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TZ Centurion standalone security system

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