TZ Praetorian

Third-party integration lock control

Bridging the gap between perimeter security and cabinet level protection, the TZ Praetorian system is designed to work with existing third-party building access control systems to extend physical security and audit trail capability down to the cabinet enclosure level. No additional software application is needed.


Compatible with structured cabling up to 100m via Cat5e / Cat6.


Can be scaled to manage any number of enclosures through structured cabling.

Access control

Multiple cabinet access control managed through the multi-cabinet trigger box which displays real-time door status.

Discrete monitoring

Discrete event monitoring and system access reporting, including secured and unsecured states and true door status.

Authorized access

Authorized timed access to multiple doors with a single card presentation. Manual key override release.

Flexible mounting

Flexible mounting options to fit a broad range of cabinet brands and models. Fast and easy mounting of locking components.



Technical Specifications

Download the relevant brochure for more information on each component of the TZ Praetorian system – or contact a member of our team today.