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Think Smart Cabinet Security. Think TZ.

Today’s geographic dispersion of physical locations, co-location of IT assets and outsourcing of IT management means that critical IT assets are exposed to access by people Data Center Operators (DCOs) have no direct control over. Ever increasing national regulations and compliance mandates continue to demand greater levels of data protection – requiring DCOs to extend their physical security beyond just control over building access and spaces.

Designed specifically for the data center and ITC environments, TZ’s Data Cabinet solutions deliver advanced physical security right down to the asset level — the cabinet or server layer – to provide a more holistic approach to remote protection and control. Our innovative technology provides a cost effective solution, offering the broadest range of cabinet compatibility on the market. We offer standalone solutions or products that can be integrated with existing enterprise access control systems.


Physical security +
audit trail =

Meeting the needs for business continuity and regulatory compliance requires a proactive approach. Without real-time monitoring and access control of critical IT assets, companies can be exposed to great financial risk due to breach of physical security and environmental threats.



Data center customized

Designed specifically for data centers, TZ Data Cabinet solutions offer extremely affordable and highly scalable micro-security and dynamic monitoring solutions that are more advanced than any other cabinet security system available today.  Built on an open platform, our solutions easily integrate with existing applications, networks and protocol for extended versatility.



Readily retrofittable

TZ’s range of energy efficient SMA actuated locking devices can be mounted onto almost any brand of cabinet or enclosure. Built on a structured cabling architecture, compliant with EIA/TIA cabling standards, our patented devices make implementation easier, faster and more cost effective.

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TZ Cabinet Compatibility

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Data Center Operators offering colocation shared environments and organizations processing and storing data subject to enhanced physical security compliance. Talk to the team at TZ about an affordable and trusted solution to maximize protection for physical data center assets.